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International Women’s Day Ballyfermot 2020

Launch of dTalk Magazine

Introduction Cllr Vincent Jackson As Chair of the Ballyfermot Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force (BLDATF) I am delighted to introduce this year’s edition of dTalk our community magazine. The title of this year’s edition is Working Together and the theme of this edition is young people and families. At BLDATF we are keen to ensure that the community is informed about what we are doing, but also that we are informed about what the community is doing and experiencing. At the core of the work of BLDATF is the community, and the community projects we work with. As in last year’s edition, this edition highlights the range of both specialised substance misuse intervention services as well as some of the other community projects which BLDATF work closely with.
Inter-agency work and collaboration is at the core of the BLDATF; this is the same with the projects. There’s some great examples in here about inter-agency work – Advance and Familibase working with younger people, Matt Talbot and Star working on family support and much more. The theme of young people and families was chosen this year to highlight the central role family plays in all our lives, but in particular in the lives of young people. BLDATF are aware of the challenges many families and young people can face in Ballyfermot, but we are also acutely aware of the strengths of local families and the value of young people in a community.
This edition focuses on some of the excellent community facilities available locally; we also highlight some of the services available to families, who may need additional support, and we emphasise the importance of communication and collaboration – this is as important for families and young people as it is for any of us.
It’s been a busy and exciting year in Ballyfermot, but we have also experienced some challenges. This hasn’t been easy for many people locally, the BLDATF is aware of that. BLDATF wanted to use this edition as an opportunity to reach out to the community and target some information for young people and families. Families are the life blood of any community. The projects within Ballyfermot recognise the important role played by families and we hope this edition demonstrates that. BLDATF welcome your feedback and suggestions, contact details for the BLDATF are provided at the back of the magazine.

Cllr Vincent Jackson