Local drug & alcohol taskforce

Background and Overview of Ballyfermot Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force

BLDATF is one of 12 LDATF around Dublin, which were set up in the late 1990s to address the drug crisis of the time. As a locally based multi-agency/multi-disciplinary board we support a number of organisations within the community to provide a range of services and activities across the region. The BLDATF recognises that the impact of substance misuse extends beyond the individuals to communities and families, and as such we work closely with the wealth of networks within the Ballyfermot community to address the harms of substance misuse, raise awareness and reduce stigma. Principals of community development are central to our work through our engagement with the community, and the strengthening of relationships across the statutory, voluntary and community sectors both locally and nationally.

Some of our other objectives…

  • Deliver the Community Addiction Studies Course (QQI Level 5) in partnership with a nominated TF funded project and in line with the requirements of the accrediting body. This is to include processing applications, selecting participants, delivering on the course, assessing coursework and managing the financial aspects of the course in partnership with the BLDATF.
  • Provision of training and continuing professional development to funded services and other related services in Ballyfermot.
  • Delivery of the various public health information and publicity initiatives throughout the year.
  • Publishing dTalk magazine.

Ballyfermot Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force Structure

For more information on Ballyfermot Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force please contact us:

Clara Geaney | LDATF Coordinator | clara.geaney@hse.ie | 0873309024

Gary Roche | Project Officer | groche@bcpartnership.ie | 0871486080

Charlene Behan | Finance & Operational Administrator | charlenebldatf1@gmail.com | 0851970608

Contact Gary, details above, for more information about services and upcoming training and other news and events regarding the Task Force work.

The Task Force can also be contacted on info@ballyfermotldatf.ie and is open to community input and feedback on substance misuse issues and the work of the Task Force itself.

Ballyfermot Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force Company Registration Number: 600165 Company Address: 162 Cherry Orchard Avenue, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10