Welcome to the Ballyfermot Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force Website.

The services listed here will be able to support you whatever substance you may be experiencing difficulty with, including alcohol, heroin, cannabis, cocaine, crack, legal highs and all tablets / medications either prescribed or non-prescribed.

There are supports here also for family members and for the children of substance users, as the impact of substance misuse often goes beyond the individual user themselves. Supports for the children of substance users does not mean having children removed from parents, there are a number of wrap around supports available which can help parents address their substance use whilst extra support is provided to their children.

You are advised to speak to your GP about your health and well being and to speak with your GP if you are experiencing problems with prescribed medication or have concerns over your use of medication. It is important that you speak with your GP if you are using any other substance alongside your prescription as your dose can be affected by use of other drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol can cause people many problems, so although it is a legal substance it is no less harmful than illegal drugs. Alcohol causes a number of health issues and has a negative impact on your mental health. Please note that the specialised services provided locally will support you to address problematic alcohol use, not just illegal drugs.

Local Services