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Covid-19: Ballyfermot Drug / Alcohol Treatment & Rehabilitation Support Services

ProjectServices AvailableBuilding Accessible?Referral Process & Hours of BusinessContact Details
Ballyfermot Advance
Drug and Alcohol Treatment & Rehab
Drop-in open for showers and food for our homeless service users.
Needle exchange, brief interventions, Outreach, phone support.
Exchange for substance use equipment can be requested using outreach number and clean needles or pipes will be supplied
Open to supporting active substance users, including alcohol, using harm reduction model
YesTelephoneOffice: 01 6238001

Outreach: 0874319921
Please use this number to arrange exchange.
Housing and Family Support
1-1 support by phone
Support and crisis intervention by phone and video link.
Group work by video link- we are offering support to our vulnerable families by working with them through live video links. We will be offering resilience tips, fitness and activity based arts and crafts.
Advocacy work with other services and agencies by phone and email.
NoAll appointments by phone unless arranged with staff

Mon to Friday 9am to 5pm
Aidan O'Halloran, Development Worker
- 087 6499342
Anna Kelly, Administrator and Support Worker - 087 6321940
Derek McDonnell, Interim Manager - 087 66 00 872
BSII Office - 01 6267041
Child, Youth & Family Support
All existing supports with current service users are ongoing by use of telephone.
Counselling service for young people aged 15+
1-1 Youth Substance Misuse Support
1-1 support for vulnerable children
Phone/Facebook supports to all existing families and children engaged with Familibase, parenting support, emotional support, child welfare and protection monitoring. Practical supports for families and children including activity packs, prescription collections, shopping
Online Programming including fitness, arts activities and mental health, TIK TOK, online groups
Street work – working with the Gardaí to keep young people safe and off the streets
Hot food provisions for current service users
Appointments by phone unless arranged with staffAt capacity
Tuesday to Friday 9am to 10pm
01 654 6800
0873574407- Emergency Number

Work Email:

Fusion CPLAll existing supports with current service users are ongoing by use of telephone/email
Assessments ongoing
Prison links ongoing via mail
Full time hours currently still in place
Open to new referrals including self-referral
NoOpen to new referrals by phone

9-5 Mon-Friday
01 6231499
Drug & Alcohol Rehab with Job Preparation
All existing supports with current service users are ongoing by use of telephone/email/Post
Phone /Listening & Text Support facilitated by Wayne 9.00am -5.00pm Monday – Saturday
Counselling Phone Support 9.00am -2.00pm Mondays
Remote Keyworking 10.00am – 2.00pm Wednesday
Distance Learning daily phone support
NoMonday – Saturday 9-5pm (Saturday Mobile only)01 6235612
Wayne Martin
087 792 1515
Matt Talbot Community Trust
Drug & Alcohol Recovery Support
Online counselling support, outreach.
Online key working
Online group check-in support to all participants.
Smart Recovery online
Weekly quiz
Practical support to individual participants
NoMon – Fri 9 to 5pm Mark Kavanagh – 0857650021
Grainne Jennings – 0857650019
Ballyfermot Star
Drug & Alcohol Rehab and Family Support
Remote keyworking.
1-1 appointments as needed.
Safe plans for vulnerable women – domestic violence support.
Practical support for service users.
WhatsApp support.
Group support through zoom.
Educational programmes continuing through distance learning.
Réalt Nua supports continuing.
CBT – Reduce the Use continuing.
Giving support to parents who have a history of substance use and are struggling with children at home by providing activity packs and doing online story time.
Supporting mothers that are experiencing child to parent violence.
One to one support for people who are struggling with substance use/mental health by walking with them in the local area while maintaining social distancing and using CRA / CRAFT.

By appointment New referrals from Pieta House
New Self referrals accepted by phone

Main office 01 6238002

Family Support 0876433369
HSE Adolescent Addiction Service1-1 support by phone.
Risk assessments by phone.
Currently available 3 days during the week.
YesNew referrals and consultation by phone01 7955693
Aisling Clinic
- Methadone
Open 9am to 12pm, 2pm - 4pm & Evenings 5pm - 7pm YesNew referrals and initial assessments by phone only.01 7956213
Ballyfermot Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force
Gary Roche - Project Officer
Available to provide information in relation to range of services available in the Ballyfermot Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force area.NoMon - Thurs 9am to 5pm
Fri 9am to 4.30pm
087 1486080